Reunions and Discussions

Recently in spring we’ve partecipated to a workshop with other teams. The ESA has shared and inspired the team to improve by strategies like fact checking, trust and above all communication. Earlier we’ve met online with our mentor Koen to share our thoughts about the last upates. With a cheerful presentation he also kept us entarteined with past (and some funny) stories useful to comprehend and avoid some errors in the Bexus project.

O-Zone and COVID-19

A recent research from the University of Birningam shows that concentrations of PM2.5 decreased in all cities, except London and Paris. In fact Lockdown had less impact on air pollution than previously thought. Click on the image for further information.

On the Work for new Actions

In the last meeting with the ESA comitee for the BEXUS/REXUS project we have received many minor and important actions that has the aim to improve the project. We’re keeping up with the team to make better improvement as we have did till now.

Article by an our Sostenitor

We thank our supporter Ong 2.0 for the article that had dedicated to us by clicking on the picture. Take a look to read the interview of our team leader Federico Toson that explains how our project can impact the environment.

Prototype Ready

In 21 October we had a meeting with Armelle, one of the ESA supervisor committee that came from France. In this revision we had the possibility to showcase our prototype with the proper tests.

Unexpected News

In the first of October the COVID-19 pandemy has constrained the ESA to delay the BEXUS/REXUS project. This notice has been really heavy for us and for other teams because of the effort we’ve put in this project in the last month before EAR. Although this we’ll pick this as an opportunity to perfect our platform!


A few days ago the IPR took place, and the result is a great PASS!
We are very proud of the result because at this stage (Integration) the game starts to get hard. Having to start to actually assemble the device, the challenges and complications we faced were many!

Sampling Tests

While waiting to receive the final pump, we are practicing how to sample the air. These exercises allow us to understand in advance some critical operations and refine the software so that it is perfect when we have all the final components.

Filters are here

We would like to thank our sponsor Restek for this incredible collaboration.

Their help will be precious for the success of our experiment.

Dealings with companies

Restek has been our best supplier in terms of components. With their items we’ll be able to perform better our job during this COVID period. We’ve actually received the instruments.

Having parters that can be available for a project like ours on board it’s beneficial for each part. Making the Gondola it’s not just matter of skills, but also for good instruments that can hold us when we’ll be in the middle air of the ionosphere.


In date 27-05-2020 we’ve received the e-mail from ESA about our CDR, and we’ve officially passed! To get to this point we’ve collaborated each day to pass the acts required by ESA. We’ve started from a bottom line, but we’ve fight with honour and eager. We’ve brought our project to a newer perspective that was really appreciated from the CDR commission.

COVID-19 and Smart Working

The COVID is not a limit for creativity nor for the development of an instrument useful in future for the environment.

Due to the Corona Virus we’re unable to visit the laboratories. Although this reason we’ve managed to mount the components at home. All the groups are constantly in contact with each other in order to monitor the development of the Gondola. We’re keeping in contact with socials like Telegram and Skype for direct project working. We know it’s our duty to be responsible and take care for each other teammates. Just with the good collaboration we’ll build a great system to help the environment and polluted air.

A great mentor for O-zone

A mentor is assigned to each BEXUS team from SNSA, DLR and ESA. Koen De Beule is the mentor of the O-ZONE Team. He has a great experience in REXUS/BEXUS projects and in the space world in general. His field of specialization is electronics.

We are really excited about this possibility of improvement with the help of Koen.

About us

We believe that man should be able to live his life in a clean place, where the air is breathable. We believe in information and prevention for the environment. Unfortunately, this is not yet reality. In fact, we see a lot of polluted cities, a lot of people who do not know the secondary effects of a particular event (such as a fire).
All this can be changed, through prevention, information and collaboration. This is why we at OZONE have put ourselves at stake: our aim is to build a device capable of analysing the air at different heights, with an inexpensive device and easy to use. We anticipate that the lower cost may encourage companies to use it, and the more companies use it, the more information they can get.

The O-Zone team is a group of students from the University of Padua who share an interest in the environment and who want to make a difference.

We want to leave the world better than we found it. We have combined our passion for the environment with our subjects of study.

We are participating at REXUS/BEXUS project and will launch our device in October 2020. This project is Realised under a bilateral Agency Agreement between the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Swedish National Space Agency (SNSA). Available to students from other European countries through a collaboration with the ESA.




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Launch Campaign

The IPR has been a success!

Since the project have been delayed, we’re now working hard to be ready for the second part of EAR (Experiment Acceptance Reviews).

Other news or articles:

Radio “Non solo Nebbia”

David Magnani, one of our team members, went to Radio BlueTu to talk about our project. The transmission is called “Non solo nebbia” which means ‘not only fog’ and it is a radio program of the Veneto region. Here is the podcast of the show:

Radio Bluetu – Non solo nebbia, O-Zone Team

Il Mattino di Padova

Il Bo Live

Si chiama O-Zone l’unico team italiano tra i vincitori del concorso Rexus/Bexus bandito dall’ESA, l’agenzia spaziale europea, che ogni anno promuove delle iniziative per selezionare i potenziali ricercatori spaziali di domani.

Il progetto del team O-Zone, composto da studenti di ingegneria aerospaziale dell’universitĂ  di Padova, prevede di lanciare … Continua a leggere


We announce our presence at the PINK ING, event that will take place in Vicenza. As every year, a way to enhance women in the world of engineering. Dumitrita and Carlotta will represent our team and our project! Stay tuned for more information!

The event has been moved to a date to be set because of a ministerial order!

A new challenge.

We’ve been selected by ESA! We’ve joined within the 13 teams and we’ve started officially to work on the project. During this project we’ll need more mental resource and we’ll gonna find new passionate environment passionated members.

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