Radio “Non solo Nebbia”

David Magnani, one of our team members, went to Radio BlueTu to talk about our project. The transmission is called “Non solo nebbia” which means ‘not only fog’ and it is a radio program of the Veneto region. Here is the podcast of the show:

Radio Bluetu – Non solo nebbia, O-Zone Team


Working on Skype everyday!

Because of the corona virus we had to stay home the last few days but we are doing our best to work on the feedback! Follow our updates on instagram!


We announce our presence at the PINK ING, event that will take place in Vicenza. As every year, a way to enhance women in the world of engineering. Dumitrita and Carlotta will represent our team and our project! Stay tuned for more information!

The event has been moved to a date to be set because of a ministerial order!

About us

The O-Zone team is a group of students from the University of Padua who share an interest in the environment and who want to make a difference.

We want to leave the world better than we found it. We have combined our passion for the environment with our subjects of study.

We are participating at REXUS/BEXUS project and will launch our device in October 2020. This project is Realised under a bilateral Agency Agreement between the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Swedish National Space Agency (SNSA). Available to students from other European countries through a collaboration with the ESA.




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SED 1.1 submission

After the fantastic adventure in Sweden we got the feedback and we will have to work hard to update the SED! Then in May there will be the CDR at ESTEC!

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Si chiama O-Zone l’unico team italiano tra i vincitori del concorso Rexus/Bexus bandito dall’ESA, l’agenzia spaziale europea, che ogni anno promuove delle iniziative per selezionare i potenziali ricercatori spaziali di domani.

Il progetto del team O-Zone, composto da studenti di ingegneria aerospaziale dell’universitĂ  di Padova, prevede di lanciare … Continua a leggere

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