26th November-Training day

Fantastic experience!

This morning we arrived at ESTEC in time, perhaps too much, after taking the bus from the ibis hotel. The delays of the planes due to yesterday’s strike had frightened us and we wanted to make sure we got there on time. This didn’t stop the people at ESA from being very nice to us right from the start. As soon as we entered the gates a boy named Martin helped us to find the Erasmus building, Alexander Kinnaird showed us where the coffee bar was and we relaxed for a few minutes.

Then Arthur Lacombe gave us some gadgets and the booklet. After a couple of hours all the teams arrived and we entered the beautiful conference room. In this characteristic location we were with our minds in the middle of the workshop.

Jack Van Loon gave a small speech on a scientific vision of the development of an experiment. Alexander told us about project planning, risk management and, more importantly, how best to clarify our objectives. Koen Debeule, on the other hand, talked about the requirements (of which we have discovered that there are about infinite types) and the design of experiments. Florine Enengl and Joanna Kuzmaa also gave us some advice about their direct experience in REXUS/BEXUS experiments.

During the day everyone was very helpful in answering our questions. Alexander joined our table to eat, Koen gave pins to those who answered his questions carefully (making the presentation captivating). The first day has ended well and we look forward to tomorrow.

See you soon,

O-Zone Team

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