28th November – BEXUS

BEXUS presentation – End of the Workshop

Today it was our turn with the presentation. We were a little nervous but everything went very well.

Judges’ questions were few, some justified this by saying that we had been very clear in the exposition. In fact, one of the things that surprised us most were the questions: we had prepared countless extra slides but we didn’t show them off. Well, maybe better this way!

After our presentation! Nice pic with PAXI 🙂

We were in the third round, before and after us they showed other BEXUS experiments. They were all very good and the experiments were really interesting. We also listened to the ECO-WISE exhibition, our “brothers in arms”, like us they talked about the issue of pollution and we really hope to see them again in Kiruna to work together and build something beautiful.

At the end of the day it was time to greet all the fantastic teams we had known. This experience will always remain with us and we hope to continue our journey and see all these friends in Kiruna.

Thanks for everything!

O-Zone team

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