Ong 2.0

ONG 2.0 is a network and an online training center for the advanced use
of the web and ICT in international cooperation

The aim is to train a new generation of development operators capable of living the web, communicating, collaborating and coordinating online, applying ICT to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of programmes and experimenting with innovative development cooperation. 4 keywords inspire the cooperation in which NGO 2 believes. 0: open: all data of international cooperation projects must be released in open format on the web to facilitate the pooling, reuse and capitalization of sustainable skills and experiences: the technologies used must be as open source, self-produced, low-cost, derived from the recycling of accessible materials and the use of renewable social energy: projects must be built in a participatory way, carried out and discussed with their online (and offline) community before, during and after their widespread implementation: development cooperation is for everyone. Web and ICT applications can bridge physical distances and – if well used – support the active involvement of all project stakeholders anywhere in the world.

Ong 2.0 was founded in 2013 by CISV of Turin in a consortium with 12 Italian NGOs. Today it is a mixed network between ngos, IT companies and training organizations. Specifically ACCRI, ADP, ASPEM, CELIM, CISV, COMI, COPE, CVCS, LVIA, ProgettoMondo Mlal, Informatici Senza Frontiere onlus, Consoft spa, SAA – School of Management and Social Innovation Teams.
Its activity is divided into three main strands: information, training and application experimentation.
In the field of information, it has consolidated a newspaper and online documentation center on ICT for development that contains more than 400 articles and 4 ebooks (Tools and social strategies for the non-profit, Introductory Guide to ICT for the Development, The Digital Co-operator’s Suitcase and Digital Revolution and Development
sustainable) for a total of more than 40,000 unique visitors to the site.

But his most consolidated activity is training, specifically online, in which he has developed an original methodology articulated in interactive live webinars and weblabs, online digital labs, accompanied by the creation of private communities of the courses in which the exchange between the participants is further developed. exercises and in-depth materials are provided. From its foundation to today has created 102 online training courses and 35 webinars for the general public which a total of 5420 people participated.
Since 2018 it has also created the first University Master’s degree with the University of Turin on ICT for Development and Social Good.

As part of the experimentation, projects have been carried out in several countries, including: Burundi, introduction of an interactive mapping to monitor gender-based violence, Senegal, training of teachers and students in web communication, and FAD training via smartphone,
Zanzibar, plastic recycling with 3D printer. In progress the realization of a information and support platform for internal migrants in West Africa, with particular attention to Senegal, Guinea and Guinea Bissau.
In 2014 NGO 2.0 receives the Sodalitas Social Innovation Award as the most important project in the world. innovative in the Italian non-profit sector.
In 2017 he launches the first edition of the ICT for Social Good award addressed to the local innovators in low-income countries. This award, supported by the Foundation Cariplo and Compagnia San Paolo within the framework of the Innovation for the Development has gathered 233 projects from 57 countries around the world, bringing to light interesting creative solutions to social problems in the countries of Global South.