The base location of Restek in State College, Pennsylvania.

Ten miles from The Pennsylvania State University there are the headquarters of Restek. We can find imaginative arrangements that make Restek the client’s first and best decision for chromatography. But what means chromatography? It comes from greek [chroma and graphe] and it means color writing. It’s really simple at the basics, but can become more complicated for further processes with the coloring. Chromatography is really a method of isolating out a blend of synthetic connections, which are in gas or liquid structure, by letting them creep gradually past another substance, which is normally a liquid or solid.

An interesting small explanation about the process

But they do more than this. Chromatography can be used also for analysis of blood sampling with gas chroma separating. They have one of the best employees for chemical processing and engineers that are appointed to check the whole system.

Why is Restek worth: a brief History of Restek

Restek really got started in 1985, in a solitary room in a changed over grade school, yet its organizer and just staff, Paul Silvis, had a dream for the future: to make a situation where individuals would anticipate coming to fill in as much as to returning home. Today, in excess of 300 proprietor representatives work, play, and commend achievements in a best in class 128,000-square-foot office in Penn Eagle Industrial Park, in our examination office in California, and in our auxiliary areas in China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and UK.

Restek was established on the vision of a spot where individuals anticipate coming to function as much as they anticipate returning home — a dream of an organization whose victories make it a model for others to copy.

How they can Help Us

An example of Polluted Air on the right in a City

For this reason we’ve chosen Restek as a project partner. They are really into their work and they love their job as we much do. Our aim as you know, is to gather enough information to analyze the atmosphere up to 35km from ground. They will help us donating sampling bags and other tools that we’ll need to suck the air at different altitudes. This part of the project is critical and with the right working tools also for testing our experiment, we are grateful for this donation. We are ready to test them out as soon as we can in order to accomplish our mission.